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The Crescent Brewery LLC takes it’s name and inspiration from one of the founding businesses of our town. The original Crescent Brewery was built in 1906 and opened for business in 1907. The brewery produced lager style beer for the local market. Products were packaged in kegs and a variety of glass bottle sizes and were available throughout the state. The flagship product was Overland Beer which featured a horse-drawn stage on the label which drew inspiration from Nampa's location along the Oregon Trail. During Prohibition the brewery changed it’s name to the Overland Beverage Company and survived by making sarsaparilla and “near beer” products. Following the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, the Overland Beverage Company was renovated and continued production of their Overland, Stutz, and Crescent brands until 1950, when the brewery closed. The original brewery building was demolished in 1966.

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