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  • Do you serve food?
    Not yet but we are working on our kitchen as of 2018. In the meantime, we do allow our guests to bring in food, or order delivery from one of several amazing local restuarants that will deliver to our location
  • Are you family friendly?
    Yes! To reasonable degree. Idaho law allows minors to enter breweries. We welcome families but keep in mind that some entertainment may not be appropriate for little ones. Bands can be loud, comedians can be a bit naughty etc. etc. That said, daytime is a great time to stop buy and enjoy a beer while your little ones watch the trains from our patio.
  • Are you pet friendly?
    We are dog friendly along as other customers aren't bothered and your companion is well behaved. We welcome furry friends with water bowls and treats. Cats? We already have a house cat, his name is Crescent and even he has to stay outside. Please don't bring your cat.
  • Do you have TV or music when there isn't live entertainment?
    Why yes we do. We have several tvs for watching games or shows. If there is a particular event you are interested in watching, please feel free to call ahead to make sure we have the proper programming to show it. We also have a modern touch screen jukebox for playing music when nothing else is going.
  • Do you have a patio?
    Yes we do. We have a very unique patio in that it backs up to the Union Pacific rail yard. While that might not sound appealing many guests find it pretty cool to watch those magnificant machines do their thing. Kids really get a kick out of it. In the summer, our patio offers an early afternoon escape from the sun.
  • Do you do brewery tours?
    Absolutely. The only exception is if we are short staffed and the tasting room is busy. Our master brewers are usually around but even they get a day off every now and then, so they may not be available to answer your questions.
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