Are you a Home Brewer, or interested in starting the adventure into home brewing?  We are here to help you.  We offer the listed supplies and services to help home brewers achieve their goal of crafting a delicious home brew.  Please note, most supplies are commodities and the price we pay fluctuates day to day. For an accurate quote on pricing, please stop by with your recipe or email it to us. All supplies are limited to quantities on hand.


A wide variety of grains to give your beer flavor and body


Might seem strange, but we are on Nampa's old artesian well, therefore no added fluoride or other chemicals.  Bring in your water bottles and you can fill them up


Various hops to add that fresh bite to your brews


Retired kegs make great boil kettles.  We'll sell them as they become available.


Brewers yeast in sealed packages


The man who started it all.  When he's not busy brewing Jerry enjoys sharing his knowledge with aspiring home brewers. He even offers a "home brew school" on occasion.

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