• Chocolate Porter

    Chocolate Porter

    The Crescent Chocolate Porter is loaded with premium malts, a rich Chocolate note, and a smooth Java finish.

  • Amber Ale

    Amber Ale

    A full-bodied American Ale with a simple formula: Idaho barley, clear Idaho water, and local grown hops.

  • Blonde Bitch

    Blonde Bitch

  • Skull Splitter IPA

    Skull Splitter IPA

    An Imperial Black IPA, the Skull Splitter has rich malt flavors and a strong hop finish for all the hop heads that need their skull split.

  • Summer Ale

    Summer Ale

    A mild wheat beer with an orange and coriander flavor profile.

  • Irish Red

    Irish Red

  • Tilted Kilt Pale Ale

    Tilted Kilt Pale Ale

  • Highland Hammer

    Highland Hammer

  • Coconut Chocolate Porter

    Coconut Chocolate Porter

  • Pumpkin Ale

    Pumpkin Ale

  • Strawberry Blonde

    Strawberry Blonde